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Blue Coast Architectural

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Our Services

3M Select Graphic Providers, 3M Preferred Graphics Installers, 3M Endorsed Architectural Installers

Solar Control

Energy saving window film for effective sun control and greater comfort

  • Save on Energy Costs
  • Improve Building Appearance
  • Reduce Fading of Furnishings
  • Increase Occupant Comfort
  • Increase Interior Air Quality

"I am impressed with the change the window film made to the sun room." Jim B., residential customer

Security Film

Protect your windows for increased comfort and safety

  • 3M Sun Control
  • 3M Security & Safety
  • Blast Mitigation
  • Natural Disasters
  • Anti-Grafitti

Privacy Film

Creative options for privacy, décor, and more

With dozens of standard designs, plus limitless customization options these finishes create surfaces with the look of etched, treated or texturized glass, at the fraction of the cost.

Feather Friendly

Protect birds from colliding with Commercial and Industrial windows while offering clear visibility without affecting building aesthetics or outward views.

  • For New and Existing Buildings
  • Enhances Building Appearance
  • Cost Effective
  • Clear Visibility for People
  • Long Life